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S1NGLE—God's Gifts: Our Plans

Join Redeemer for this conference to hear personal stories, theological reflections, and a Q&A dialogue about being single.

When Gospel-Loving Churches Undermine Marriage

Here are three practical but powerful messages we've sent to our young people, the outside world, and to ourselves about how we really think about marriage.

Why I Married a White Girl

I didn't 'settle' by marrying a white girl. Settling is overlooking a godly woman merely because of her ethnicity.

How the Church Makes the Trial of Infertility Better (or Worse)

You'll be better prepared to love and minister to those affected by infertility if you know a bit more about what it's like to go through this trial.

Let's Talk About . . . You-Know-What

Where the sex debate is heading, whether pro-life Christians should use the pill, what God thinks of singleness, and more.

Scowling at the Angel

The last thought to pass through my mind before they took me completely under was that I would either wake up in recovery or in glory.

Should the Church 'Get Out of the Marriage Business'?

If marriage policy actually matters for all persons, not just Christians, how should we understand the social purpose of marriage?

Broken Vows, Broken World

Divorce wasn't something I sought or desired, but it came knocking all the same.

How Much Theology Should Couples Agree on Before They Get Married?

Three vital questions to consider before you decide to get married.

Why We Should Legalize Murder for Hire

This is not a decision that anyone else can make for a woman. It is her marriage; only she can decide when it must end.