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Should Churches Offer Vocational Retraining for Fallen Pastors?

No fallen pastor who is a child of God disqualifies himself from his Father's promise to provide.

Are Your Efforts to Contextualize the Gospel All about You?

If you have an overly defined segment of the population that you are trying to reach, it is possible you are merely trying to reach people whose company you prefer.

How to Preach Books of the Bible You Don't Like

Watch Bryan Chapell, J. D. Greear, and Mike McKinley discuss preaching through tough sections of Scripture.

How Pastors Can Care For Their Children

God has given many gifted ones to minister to the church body. He has only given your children one father and mother.

Single vs. Married Pastors: Take It from a Guy Who's Been Both

Too often this debate forces us to choose sides between single or married pastors. But the Bible doesn't rank them; it honors both sides.

'Non-Shepherding' Pastors: Option or Oxymoron?

Watch J. D. Greear, Bryan Chapell, and Mike McKinley consider the legitimacy of a 'non-shepherding' pastor.

Should Every Pastor Get a Sabbatical?

Two pastors and a businessman discuss whether it's really necessary for every pastor to get a sabbatical.

How to Cultivate Encouragement in Your Church

A culture of encouragement in a church can be infectious. Here's how to cultivate it.

The Joy of Theology Reading Groups

I've seen theology reading groups grow my church in ways I never thought possible.

Carson Explains What Makes a Good Commentary

Reading commentaries will not necessarily turn you into a good exegete: that requires more focused reading of the text itself.