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New Music Project Helps Kids Learn Theology

We hope you can use these songs to help teach your kids important truths about God.

New City Catechism: Not Just for Kids

I've been using New City Catechism and have found it to be insightful, challenging, convenient, and multi-purposeful.

Catechesis Miscellanies

Catechism teaches a lost art---the art of meditation and slow reflection.

Catechism---With OUR Kids?

You are furnishing your child with the mental foundation on which the rest of his or her spiritual life will be built.

Why Write New Catechisms?

New catechisms are always needed to present doctrine in ways that equip people to address the idols and answer the errors of the age.

Introducing New City Catechism

While our exposition of gospel doctrine must be in line with older catechisms that are true to the Word, culture changes, and so do the errors, temptations, and challenges that we must be equipped to face and answer.

New Podcast: Going Deeper with TGC

We hope you enjoy this new feature and look forward to your feedback, including suggestions on subjects where you want to see TGC go deeper.