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Mama's Hands Are Full: Gloria Furman on Treasuring Christ in the Trenches

As a mom, this book was the perfect word of truth and encouragement my weary heart needed.

God Meets Busy Moms Right Where They Are

Moms, Jesus wants to fellowship with you right where you are, even in the commotion of ordinary life.

Parenting Fear

Teaching our children to tremble before the Lord is a task we must embrace all the time, not just in moments of darkness-inspired fear.

Your Options in Infertility

There are several morally permissible options for couples facing infertility. Here are five.

How Churches Can Care for Their Pastor's Children

Too many children of pastors are casualties in the spiritual battle.

God Gives Me More Than I Can Handle

It's not that God gives us what we can handle. It's that he gives us what we can't handle so we lean on him, not on ourselves.

Teaching Our Children to Lament

What if we came alongside our children, no longer as military drill sergeants with a program of enforced stoicism, but as fellow sufferers under the curse?

But Mom, I Can't Be Nice

Can you imagine giving your most important treasure to someone who hates you and always does the opposite of what you say?

Discipling Your Kids Is More than Family Devotions

The call God places on me to disciple my son is far more comprehensive than what a few minutes of family worship can afford.

I Hope My Son's Life Is in Danger

The safest place in this world outside of Christ is the most dangerous place in the universe.