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I Hope My Son's Life Is in Danger

The safest place in this world outside of Christ is the most dangerous place in the universe.

How to Survive a Cultural Crisis

Here are 7 principles for surviving the cultural shifts we're presently enduring.

The Litmus Test of Genuine Christianity

These two traits summarize the practical outworking of a life changed by the gospel.

Better or Worse? The State of Persecution in China

Though the church's wellbeing in China isn't where we'd like it to be, that's not the same as saying it's getting worse.

Dare to Be Immoral

In the days ahead, you won't need to convince anyone of your immorality.

What We All Need to Learn from the Minority Experience

Increasingly persecuted in our day, the church can learn much from the African American experience.

Evangelical Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience Against U.S. Government

Obama's healthcare mandate forces Christians to choose between obedience to the law and obedience to God.

What's Next for New York Churches

We won't forfeit the gospel, and we don't want to respond in anger and forfeit our standing in the community, either.

Christians Massacred in Nigeria: An Update

Yesterday I pointed to the slaughter of Christians by militant Muslims in Nigeria. The New York Times has done a follow-up story noting how the death toll is rising. [Photo attribution: Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters]

"...some of whom they will kill..."

We've decided to pull the video we had featured in this post until its accuracy can be verified. We agree with the following statement from Justin Taylor regarding the videos in question and add our apology for any contribution we may have made to confusion about the very real persecution of Christians going on in […]