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From Mad Marxist to Compassionate Conservative

From an atheistic Marxist to compassionate Christian, journalist Marvin Olasky wants to express intense awareness of his own story of sin and Christ's glory.

How Can Homosexuality Be Wrong if It Doesn't Harm Anyone?

In a new video, Russell Moore, J. D. Greear, and Voddie Baucham tackle this complex and critical topic.

Should Christians Try to Legislate Their Morality?

When it comes to legislating morality, how do we help people find an authority outside of themselves?

The King of Kings and the Kings of Earth

We want to use whatever rule we have to produce good in the lives of others, just as Jesus does through his rule.

Sorting Out the Election Aftermath

How can evangelicals work in the next four years to find common ground with the President, pray for him, and pursue priorities where we disagree?

Why Politicians Are Encouraged to 'Flip Flop'

Ideological purity may be emotionally satisfying, but it typically doesn't win a lot of elections.

Tracing the Logic of Liberalism

In the Western world there are conservative liberals, liberal liberals, and radical liberals---but all adhere to the basic principles of liberalism.

'The Weightier Provisions of the Law'

Finding a course where principle can wed with effective if incomplete action is the holy grail of evangelical political engagement.

The Christian Calling to Citizenship

To apply a Christian worldview to questions of public policy isn't self-interested. It's serving our neighbor.

Militant for Justice, Not for 'Culture War'

This conflict is going to determine the future direction of evangelical political engagement. My problem is that I'm on both sides.