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How to Work Ahead on Sermon Prep

With a little discipline and patience, you can break out of the week-to-week writing pace and give your heart and mind room to breathe.

We Proclaim Him: Signs of Grace in the Twin Cities

When the gospel of Jesus Christ renews churches, a spirit of cooperation and celebration replaces their tendency toward parochialism and territorialism.

How to Preach Books of the Bible You Don't Like

Watch Bryan Chapell, J. D. Greear, and Mike McKinley discuss preaching through tough sections of Scripture.

The Danger of Self-Awareness in Preaching

Be yourself and don't be too conscious of yourself. Just preach the Word of God.

The Problem with Polemical Preaching

The question is not whether there is a place for polemical preaching but whether someone can do too much of it.

How to Preach a Stale Sermon

The only thing worse than never delighting in the truth is to see that you trained your people to do the same.

Anthony Carter on Writing and Ministry

I believe all pastors should seek to get published. The process of writing and subsequent being published is a great learning experience.

Preach to the Affections, Don't Manipulate Them

Watch Piper, Baucham, and Nunez explore differences between "working the crowd" and awakening authentic, God-honoring emotion.

The Biggest Mistakes Old Preachers Make

Three seasoned preachers discuss common snares that threaten those with long experience in the pulpit.

The Easier Path to Sermon Illustrations

Far from suffocating creativity, the constraints of templates focus creativity. It is no different with illustrations.