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Are You Praying for Revival?

Watch Kevin DeYoung, Bryan Chapell, and Richard Phillips tackle the controversial topic of revival in our latest roundtable.

Revival in Germany Needs Biblical Theology

In order to equip Christian pastors in Germany to understand and preach the live-giving gospel from all of Scripture, Evangelium21 is putting on it's third major conference.

Carson's Lessons from the Good Times and Bad

Be encouraged to pray hard and ask God to do more than we could ever plan or imagine.

Why Did God Use Spurgeon?

Mental strength and eloquence of speech may gather large crowds and earn you recognition, only the power of the Spirit can reach into a human soul to bring transformation.

The Best of Times in New England

Thriving college ministries, fledgling church plants, and revitalized colonial-era congregations are renewed in their zeal to love their neighbors and spread the gospel.

10 Lessons from Faithful Ministry Without Revival

It is worth examining the lives of men and women who lived in more ordinary times, yet served the Lord faithfully and effectively. Such a man is Philip Doddridge.

When Revival Comes

I went to the vault this morning and found an instructive, brief commentary by D.A. Carson titled, "What to Do If Revival Comes" from the January/February 2003 issue of Modern Reformation magazine (many thanks to Andy Naselli for making this available in the exhaustive D.A. Carson bibliography!). In the article Carson recounted a conversation he […]