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Single vs. Married Pastors: Take It from a Guy Who's Been Both

Too often this debate forces us to choose sides between single or married pastors. But the Bible doesn't rank them; it honors both sides.

You Are What—and How—You Read

LGBTQ activism on college campuses is the world I helped create.

When Women Lust

Being satisfied in God alone will make you and me an irresistibly attractive women, inside and out, because his love will shine through us for the world to see.

Let's Talk About . . . You-Know-What

Where the sex debate is heading, whether pro-life Christians should use the pill, what God thinks of singleness, and more.

Can't Get No Satisfaction?

The glories of creation are meant to be pleasurable so we'd run after the ultimate Pleasure who will satisfy our hearts.

What's the Difference Between Erotica and Song of Solomon?

The single major difference between the Song of Solomon and erotica is the difference between means and ends.

Talking to the World

In my reading this past month, I discovered that Immanuel Kant made a case for a Christian sexual ethic but without using any appeal to the Bible or theology. In "Duties Toward the Body in Respect of Sexual Impulse" (Kant, Lectures in Ethics) he argued that sex outside of marriage dishonors human dignity. He reasoned that when you ask for sex without giving your whole self to the other person in marriage ("person, body and soul, for good and ill and in every respect"), you turn the sex partner into an object, a mere means to a selfish end, instead of an end in him (or her) self. Kant's famous "categorical imperative" was that human beings should never be treated as means, but only as ends. Using only this belief, which is intuitive for many modern people, he argued that you should never have sex outside of marriage.