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You Are What—and How—You Read

LGBTQ activism on college campuses is the world I helped create.

Broken Vows, Broken World

Divorce wasn't something I sought or desired, but it came knocking all the same.

Did the Devil Make Me Do It?

Sin isn't evidence of demonic strongholds in our lives; it's simply disobedience inconsistent with our salvation in Christ.

Don't Tell Me Your Kid's Sins

From blogs to Bible studies, wherever parents gather, stories of children's misbehavior flow freely.

Gatsby: Money, Romance, and the Wages of Sin

This movie reminded me that I am only here—living, breathing, writing, teaching, fathering, and so on—by the grace of God.

Crack, Meth, Addiction, and the Puritans

When our joy and pleasure in Christ is superior to the payoff of sin, we choose Christ over the sin and its payoff.

Badly Broken

'Breaking Bad' is not just a drama; it is an all-too-realistic depiction of the corrosive effects of sin.

The Bible of the Sacred Self

Rummaging through the attic of my mind not so long ago, my eyes fell upon an ancient, dark, incriminating text.

I'm Not Afraid to Raise Daughters

Do you think that your sons are at less risk to be harmed by wrong decisions? There are always consequences for sin—some of them just gestate longer.

Down with the Tyrant!

Evil over-reached, and in so doing, destroyed itself. So take up your freedom, given in Christ Jesus, and experience the liberating power of grace.