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It's Not Enough to Care About 'The Poor'

The Bible doesn't leave us room to make poverty someone else's problem.

Love the Sojourner: 4 Steps Forward in Refugee Outreach

Opportunities for relationship-building and gospel-motivated service among immigrants and refugees are low-hanging fruit.

5 Myths about Jubilee

In an age of crushing federal and consumer debt, a practice that forgives financial burdens is naturally becoming quite popular.

Finding a Better Way for Mercy Ministry

We watch to see where that Word is taking root and flowering into action, and we respond by using church resources to support the most strategic pieces of that work.

The Gospel and Social Justice: Toward a Robustly Biblical Conversation

Writing for TIME magazine, Amy Sullivan brings to our attention an issue that has much of contemporary evangelicalism scrambling for clarity. The issue is the relationship between the gospel and "social justice." How this relationship develops, particularly among younger evangelicals, is fraught with potential pitfalls for the unified advance of the gospel in our day.