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A Bubba With a Passion for the Gospel and Golf

For Bubba Watson, winning golf's biggest tournament isn't the most important thing in life.

On Football, Warrior Culture, and Manhood

Unlike many trends today that undermine biblical manhood, I see the growing concern with warrior culture as an encouraging shift in our culture's definition of masculinity.

To Ruin Sports, Idolize Them

How would you share the gospel with athletes who have been worshiped by the same media and fans who now gloat over their disgrace?

Do You Still Want to Be Like Mike?

The greatest basketball player ever will never find life outside the game for the same reason he never found life in it. It's not there.

The Mirage and Marriage

It's too late when many finally realize their extreme idealism of marriage has given way to deep pessimism.

See Life in the Eyes of a Skilled, Faithful Journalist

Just because dead-tree publications are in trouble doesn't mean people have stopped wanting to read complex stories.

Authority in Weakness

We won't be perfect, but we'll offer credible witness to the power of the gospel.

Redemption and the World of Sports

Jon Shields at The Wall Street Journal has an interesting commentary on the recent death of former NBA center Manute Bol, his "radical Christianity," and the trite way sports journalists talk about redemption.

Time to Separate Church and Sports? A New Agenda Takes Shape

Both Sam Cook and Tom Krattenmaker identify the exclusivity of the Gospel as the key issue of their concern when it comes to Tim Tebow and any number of other prominent sports figures. Krattenmaker repeatedly stresses that he believes athletes should be free to express their faith. Nevertheless, he argues that belief in the exclusivity of the Gospel of Christ is out of bounds for such expression.

Sports and the Gospel

Writing for USA Today, Tom Krattenmaker isn't so sure conservative evangelicalism is all-together good for college and professional sports. While he lauds the civic-mindedness of many high profile Christian athletes, Krattenmaker is concerned with the exclusive claims many outspoken Christian athletes make with respect to salvation.