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Global Theology in English: Promising or Problematic?

We must proceed with sensitivity as we explore the precedents, problems, and possibilities of English as a common theological language.

Mortifying the Fear of Academic Books

If you can clear the fog of fear and hesitation hovering over academic books, you might find an unexpected depth and richness between the pages.

5 Tips for Finding Your Theological Balance

Here are five suggestions for avoiding balance issues in your Christian life.

Creative Orthodoxy

What is the place of creativity or innovation in theology? The craft of typography aptly illustrates the dilemma and suggests its solution.

Telling the Story from the Bible

Children's story bibles are not Bibles and, it turns out, neither are they for children.

Confessions of a Woman Who Didn't Like Theology

We need your help. But be willing to help us in humility, without getting exasperated.

The Image of God and the Dignity of Work

Being made in the image of God is a powerful concept for finding our vocations and living a purposeful life.

Ancient Answers for Modern Questions

Why would a guy born in the 1970s lead a church born in the 1740s to adopt a confession of faith born in 2010?

The Counterintuitive Calvin

To furnish our hearts with more assurance of God's love is the ultimate purpose of the Institutes.

When Biography Shapes Theology

Experience is a tempting but poor substitute for theological prolegomena.