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Saved by a Community for Community

The world around us longs for community, and the false sense of connectedness created by Twitter and Facebook won't fill the void.

Four Accounts, One Savior

We cannot properly celebrate the birth of our Savior until we acknowledge our need to be saved.

You Asked: Does Gethsemane Separate the Trinity?

The Trinity unveils a vision of deep harmony and union for our relationship of surrender to God, after Jesus' pattern as a man submitted to God.

4 Lessons I'm Learning as a Soon-to-Be Dad

While joyful about the news of pregnancy, we were flooded with of questions and concerns.

You Asked: Does the Father's Wrath Upon the Son Sever the Unity of the Trinity?

Far from being the scene of the Trinity's dissolution, the cross is the Trinity's demonstration.

You Asked: Can I Pray to Jesus?

Christians can and should pray to Jesus, but the New Testament model is more richly Trinitarian.

The Joyful Pursuit of Multi-ethnic Churches

Forming multi-ethnic churches seems to be appealing at first, but unless believers grasp the profound joy of pursuing diversity, the challenges of this type of ministry will quickly deflate them.

Jealous for the Holy Spirit

God has poured out in us the gift that not only motivates us but also empowers us in our sanctification.

Only the Triune God Is Love

We're tempted to take the doctrine of the Trinity for granted. But there is scarcely any belief unaffected when we get the Trinity wrong.

Carson and Keller on Jakes and the Elephant Room

The purpose of this post is not to provide a re-hash of recent events, still less to assign blame. It is to provide some theological and pastoral reflection on the interlocking issues with which we have been wrestling.