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Women's Conferences . . . Why?

I think TGCW14 should be attended by any woman who wants to grow in her love for the Lord, in the skills of handling the Word accurately, and in learning to pass this faith on to the next generation.

The Fight for Glory

It is a full-on war to love God more than any visible thing or person on this earth, even more than ourselves.

Now Available: Audio, Video from TGCW12

Demand for media from TGCW12 has been intense, so we're happy to report that it's now available!

TGCW12: A Delight for the Senses

TGCW12 was just a taste of glory, and it left me hungry for more.

Femininity, Diversity, and the Next Generation: Remembering TGCW12

Womanhood is about God, God is not about womanhood.

Looking Back on a Blessed TGCW12

This conference 'for women but not all about women' brought thousands of women excited about that theme, hungry to learn more of the Word, and eager to learn better to communicate that Word with others.

TGCW12 - Friday Night Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions by Tim Keller and Paige Benton Brown.

View TGCW12 Schedule for Saturday

Get the scoop on this weekend's inaugural women's conference in Orlando. All main stage events will be livestreamed online.

TGCW12 - Photo Booth

Photos from the 2012 Women's Conference.

TGCW12 - Friends on Twitter

Photos from the 2012 Women's Conference.