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The Best Vacation

The Anyabwile family is having perhaps the best family vacation we’ve ever had. For totally different qualities, N. Ireland and Scotland were off the charts wonderful last year. But this year, we’re at the Carey Family Conference in Canada. It’s our first “camping” experience. I say “camping” because unlike the real soldiers sleeping in tents in a rain soaked field, we’re actually in a nice little cabin with beds, stove, refrigerator, etc. It’s “camping” the way it ought to be.

The kids are splashing around in the mud, riding bikes, making friends, sliding along zip lines, and otherwise spending their entire vacation out of doors doing what kids should do. Three campfires in and they’re as hooked on camping as my Canadian friends seem to be.

The mornings feature singing and preaching. And let me say here that the men I’ve heard preach the word are among some of the best I’ve heard (Kirk Wellum, Don Theobald, and Carl Muller so far). I think the Carey Conference may be the best-kept family vacation secret in North America. In the evenings, I’ve had the privilege of preaching through Matthew 18-20. Last Sunday I also had opportunity to share the word at Grace Baptist Church in Cambridge, a wonderful family of saints obviously well taught by pastor Dave Robinson. It’s encouraging to meet so many committed to the word of God, the doctrines of grace, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Paul and Susan Martin, pastor of Grace Fellowship of Toronto, have been our most gracious hosts and guides. Each day we’ve shared lunch and dinner with a family here at the conference. The hospitality has been wonderful; many new friends. The kids have voted that we come every year for vacation. Not a bad idea at all.

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