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Love for Muslims

That’s why I am grateful to the Lord for the ability to write The Gospel for Muslims: An Encouragement to Share Christ with Confidence.  In a world where so much fear and suspicion gets directed toward the Muslim world, God’s people must demonstrate the kind of eternal and sacrificial love we have received from God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Who will love Muslims if Christians will not?

The burden of the book is to offer a simple but transformative encouragement: If you know the gospel of Jesus Christ, you already know everything you need to know to see your Muslim friend, neighbor and co-worker made new in Christ.  Apologetics is helpful.  Knowledge of history useful.  But only the gospel is the power of God for salvation for all who believe.  When we open our mouths to share the message the power of God comes flowing out!  We need confidence in the message.

But, I shouldn’t plug my own book.  I’m biased with hope that it will be useful.  But others have kindly written reviews.  Here are a couple links:

Blogging Theologically

That’s what makes The Gospel for Muslims important.  It’s not a book about apologetics. It’s not a book about techniques. The Gospel for Muslims is a heartfelt reminder of the power of the gospel from someone who has tasted and seen that the Lord is good (Psa. 34:8). And it’s a most welcome one.

Read the book and be encouraged.

Veritas Et Lux

This short but powerful work shatters the assumption that Muslims are impossible to reach for Christ. …  This little book is loaded with practical help in sharing the gospel with Muslim people.  Anyone who has contact with Muslim people should read Anyabwile’s book.  And everyone should practice the principles set forth so Muslims everywhere might know the hope and forgiveness found in Christ alone!

Also, if you’re interested, a couple years back 9Marks did an interview with me called “The Gospel and Islam.”  There’s a bit of testimony there and some good q&a about Islam and the gospel.

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