Thabiti Anyabwile|11:54 pm CT

Proof Barack Obama Is Not a Muslim

Okay… I gotta go to bed.  But before I do, I gotta post Jimmy Kimmel’s attempt to help the nearly 20 percent of Americans understand that Pres. Barack Obama is not a Muslim.

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  1. It would be interesting to look at some thoughts on where he might fit in to the train of Christian history, none more so than that we might be better informed as to how to pray for him as a human being?

  2. I think it is very easy to pray for him as a human being or even as president. He believes he is a Christian, but like so many professing Christians, he is not a born again Christian. Pray that God will bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that he will be born again.

  3. If people began to consistently wonder aloud whether or not I was a Christian, I would weep.

  4. He sure does give an unnecessary amount of speaches and acknowledgments of Islam, and he is slighting christianity and christians. Not only is he not a christian he is also not a citizen in my opinion.

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