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Many Women Do Noble Things, But You Surpass Them All

The sun rose about 7:30am this morning.  She smiled and whispered, “Happy anniversary.”

Today marks 21 years of marriage with my dear bride, best friend, and co-heir of life: Kristie.  I can’t believe how fast the years have rolled by–every one of them full of rich, undeserved favor and grace from God in the face of my love.

We used to walk the campus of NCSU dreaming about marriage and family.  We didn’t think we’d have three children (I wanted 10; she wanted 2).  We didn’t think we’d live on a Caribbean island (perhaps someplace in the South).  We didn’t anticipate the Lord’s salvation (I was a Muslim; she was nominal).  Nor did we foresee gospel ministry (I was going to be a university professor, she a teacher).  Nothing has happened as we planned or dreamed, and everything has been far better!

For 21 years now, our pains have been halved and our joys doubled.  From this point, the number of my years married to Kristie surpass the number of years without her.  Make no mistake: I was poor and incomplete until that night she changed my life simply by walking to a payphone.

While I’ve gotten gray, she’s grown more radiant.  In fact, I think the whiteness of my hair comes from basking in her splendor, sorta like Moses’ face shining after being clouded in the glory of the Lord.  Some women have foolishly torn down their houses with their own hands; my Kristie has established our home in wisdom.  Some women have become spouts of dripping water, contentious and cruel; gentleness and kindness light the eyes of my Kristie.  Some women have forsaken their vows; by God’s grace, my Kristie has never left my side nor even bruised our covenant.  There are many virtuous women, but you far excel them all.  No price would suffice, for you’re worth far more than the world’s rubies.  I can’t believe my beloved is mine, and I am hers.

It’s now raining in Cayman, but light and laughter fill my home and my life.  Happy anniversary my love!

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