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Is the World Really Flat?

I’m about to board a plane for Houston, Texas to fellowship at Grace Family Baptist Church’ Semper Reformanda conference. If you live in the Cayman Islands, nearly every time you board a plane you’re going to cross some international border. “Flying international” means very little from our vantage point. Which could suggest that the world is quite small.

Indeed, Thomas Freedman’s The World Is Flat has encouraged many of us to think that the borders between countries and peoples is quickly evaporating. But is that true? How much international exchange is there really? Is the world all that flat?

In this TEDTalk, Economist Pankaj Ghemawat challenges the notion that globalization has brought us close to cross-border integration and offers a few reasons why squashing the “globaloney” might be more helpful to society.

So, who’s correct: Friedman or Ghemawat?

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  1. Ghemawat.

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