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Don’t Forget: Never Under-Estimate the Power of the Gospel

Been cruising back through some of the testimonies of conversion we heard at T4G ’12. What a wonderful encouragement of God’s work in the lives of sinners! If you missed them, or if you need a reminder of the power of the gospel to convert sinners, here’s a taste from Mez McConnell:

You can hear a longer discussion of Mez’s life, testimony, and ministry in this 9Marks interview. Be encouraged! The gospel is the power of God unto salvation–and God is still saving!

If you’re interested in learning more about Mez’s ministry to the poorest neighborhoods in Scotland, check out the 20 Schemes initiative. You’ll be encouraged to pray for the Lord’s blessing on this work.

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  2. I hate to be captain negative, but I have found testimonies like this to be often unhelpful. It feels like “normal” people either don’t need the gospel or that it is irrelevant. After all, I don’t need help like that guy. Don’t misunderstand, I thank God for saving us, but I think our habit of only letting “dramatic” conversion testimonies out could serve to undermine the gospel. Just sayin’

  3. Thabiti Anyabwile

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the comment, bro. I actually agree about the tendency to sometimes think “sensational testimonies” are the only testimonies and to discourage “normal” testimonies. You’re also pointing to the sinful tendency of the Pharisee to praise God that we’re not like sinners, which can be stirred up by sensational testimonies.

    Of course, there’s a third sinful reaction we can sometimes have to dramatic conversion accounts: unbelief. Remember the early church’s skepticism re: Paul’s conversion? So, some tend toward self-righteousness, others toward unbelief. The sinful heart is a deceitful and polymorphous thing!

    But I think Mez told his story in a way that did not glamorize sin while giving glory to God. I think you have to also remember (and check out if you haven’t) that this testimony was one of several, half of which were the “quieter” stories of growing up in Christian homes and believing from childhood. We love those testimonies, too. So, don’t forget the context i which this was shared. That’ll help keep you from being “captain negative” :-).

    All for Jesus,

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  7. Can I just say in my experience is I who am ordinary and those who have both parents and a so called normal life that are ‘extraordinary’. All about perspective I suppose. Every conversion experience is dramatic in its own right. Lifeblood was shed. Thanks for sharing about the work of 20 schemes. It is much appreciated.

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