Thabiti Anyabwile|1:25 am CT

Student Discovers Unpublished Poem by Jupiter Hammon on Slavery

Well, it seems that slavery and things related is in the air these days. Yesterday a good friend sent me this link to an NPR interview. The interview features a short discussion with Cedrick May, assistant professor of English at University of Texas, Arlington, about the recent discovery of an unpublished poem written by Jupiter Hammon on slavery.

For those unfamiliar with Hammon, he is known as the father of African-American literature, being the first published. He was an evangelic Calvinistic Christian who lived his entire life as a slave. The discovered poem, unlike most of his work, focuses on slavery. In it, he defines slavery as a sin–a bold move in the latter half of the 1700s–and reckons it incompatible with genuine Christian witness.

The interview is brief. And like all his work, the poem is theologically rich and thoughtful. Check it out.


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