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Patrick Stewart Gets It When It Comes to Violence Against Women

My wife forwarded me this video of one of my favorite actors, Patrick Stewart (“Jean-Luc Picard”  of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s fame). Stewart, speaking at an event in Texas, was asked about violence against women. Speaking from his own experience of growing up in a home where a “shell-shocked” father abused his mother, Stewart said:

The people who could do most to improve the situation of so many women and children are, in fact, men. It’s in our hands to stop violence toward women.

Amen! My favorite part of the video is his genuine concern for the questioner, earnestly asking, “My dear, are you okay?” He clearly and passionately dispels the myth that women are somehow to blame for the violence they suffer. I applaud Stewart’s work on behalf of women and on behalf of veterans who have experienced the trauma of war.

I admired Stewart as one of my favorite Star Trek captains. Now I genuinely admire him more for serving this cause. Here’s the video:

Here is Stewart telling his own story at a 2009 Amnesty International meeting. It’s emotionally gripping and necessary watching for everyone who cares about women.

Let’s pray and work for an end to violence against women and children. It’s ours to end, brothers.

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