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I Covet Your Prayers on Behalf of Will and Angie Gray

Will and Angie Gray are one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet. I got to know them while we were at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. They were a part of our young married small group and Will and I would meet up each Monday morning for prayer and encouragement.

Will must rank among one of the most talented persons I know. A former college basketball player, his real passion is music. His tastes are eclectic. You can hear hear crooning on a ballad he’s written or rapidly spittin’ bars on some rap or using “natural sounds” (nails in a jar or tree bark rubbed together or some such crazy thing to get that sound he wants). Beyond being talented, he’s gentle and humble. A real classy man. My daughters, ages 4 and 5 at the time, loved seeing Will have to duck to enter our house. To them he is a friendly giant.

Since October 2012, he has been fighting a valiant fight with cancer. He and Angie have been models of brokenness and faith, people with whom the Lord is near (Ps. 34:18) and a sacrifice God will not despise (Ps. 51:17). They’ve been giants in the faith. You learn more at goteamgray.

The video below shares a bit more about Will and Angie. Perhaps you know people in a similar situation. Can I ask that you watch the video and carry the Grays and others to our Father in prayer?

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