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True Romance: The Message of Song of Solomon

Well, by God’s grace, at FBC Grand Cayman we’ve completed our sermon series through the book Song of Solomon. As I admitted here, I approached the book with no small amount of trepidation. But the Lord was good and kindly blessed His word. We had a great time considering the themes of the book and applying its lesson to our lives. I’m not sure there’s been a series with more excitement despite my trepidation. And it’s probably the series where the congregation laughed at me the most, trying in futility to sing 80′s love songs that illustrated various themes in the book. If you need a good laugh, you’ll enjoying the terrible singing bits!

Thus far in my life as a preacher, I’ve found Song of Solomon to be both the most difficult book to preach and the most rewarding and encouraging. I expected the difficulty, but I’m not sure I expected the reward. Oh me of little faith. All in all, God built us up by His word and in our fellowship together.

For anyone that’s interested, here are links to the sermons:

Anticipation (Songs 1:1-2:7)

Love Found, Lost and Found (Songs 2:8-3:5)

Consummation (Song 3:6-5:1)

How Women Should Talk about Their Husbands (Songs 5:2-6:3)

How Men Should Talk about Their Wives (Songs 6:4-7:9)

Getting Away Together (Songs 7:9-8:4)

The Strength of Love (Songs 8:5-14)

To my preacher friends, what book of the Bible has been most difficult for you to preach and why? What was the outcome?

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