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In the Blogosphere…

1. TIME Magazine devotes its cover story to the rise of crisis pregnancy centers in the U.S. 

2. Scot McKnight begins a series of reflections for Lent. The first is On the Way to the Cross.

3. Mark Dever writes of Christian optimism, particulary the Christian hope of resurrection.

4. Justin Taylor interviews John Ensor, an important person in the pregnancy support movement.

5. Ben Witherington writes about a Q&A session with Rob Bell. I write about Witherington’s review here.

6. Al Mohler and Susan Jacoby participate in an online debate, Has Organized Religion Done More Harm than Good?

7. Timmy Brister reviews the speakers at Union University’s Baptist Identity conference. As one who couldn’t be there, I’m thankful for Timmy’s excellent blogging.

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