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Studies show that college students aren’t leaving the faith, just the Church. Should we be happy about this?

Southern Fried Baptists – To our shame, Southern Baptists are 30 times more likely to be obese than non-Christians. Perhaps that’s why the Convention passed an alcohol resolution last year, but dismissed one on gluttony this year. A little too close to home.

William Kristol tells us why he believes Bush’s presidency will be judged favorably by history

Russ Moore on Jesus in Exodus 

Can a church planting pastor really rely on expository preaching?

Joe Carter (Evangelical Outpost) lists his favorite 100 blogs. I’m sure Kingdom People was #101.

Why relevant preaching is so irrelevant

Tony Kummer on Four Foundations for Children’s Ministry

Top Post this Week at Kingdom People: My review of McLaren’s Secret Message of Jesus

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