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SaidatSouthern has released another podcast interview – this time with Lifeway’s Brad Waggoner

Jared Wilson lists 11 innovations for the church today. Included are: Reading Scripture in the service, preaching the gospel, and talking about sin.

The Baptist Center interviews Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries

Tim Challies gives advice on building a personal library.

Evangelicals Turning to Eastern Orthodoxy in The New Republic. Read my interview with one such evangelical.

We just finished going through The Jesus Storybook Bible with our son Timothy. It’s one of the best Bible books for kids I’ve come across. Read an interview with the book’s author.

Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul go head to head at the Republican debate. Watch Huckabee’s say, “Even if we lose elections, we should not lose our honor… and that is more important than the Republican party.” Wow! A politician who values honor and valor over partisan squabbling. Here’s the video.

Top Post this Week at Kingdom People: Random Thoughts on Blogging, the Church, and the Future

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