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Evil Everywhere

118-danubedelta_letea_tractor-small.jpgJust a month after I moved to Romania in 2000, one of the school deans told me a disturbing story.

He and his wife had a fender bender one day. They were driving behind a tractor, when suddenly the man driving the tractor slammed on his brakes, causing the dean’s car to bump into the back of the tractor. There was no serious damage done to the dean’s car – only a broken headlight.

What the dean discovered upon talking to the tractor driver was shocking. The reason the man had slammed on his breaks was because a Gypsy woman had pushed her little boy out into the road in front of the tractor. In Romania, tractor accidents are insured up to thousands of dollars for the damages they cause (life, auto, medical expenses, etc.) The Gypsy lady was willing to sacrifice her son for the money. The dean’s wife saw the child make his way across the road without getting hurt, even though he was in tears.  This is one of those stories that I wouldn’t have believed had it not been for an eye-witness testimony. It’s just so troubling.

The length at which some people will go to obtain money is appalling. Anyone who denies the biblical doctrine of total human depravity should look again at stories like these.

Of course, we have our own versions of this kind of depravity even in America. Husbands murder their wives to collect the insurance; children kill other children in imitation of what they’ve seen in video games; parents drown their children in a river or the bathtub.

Evil is everywhere. Still, often you minimize its effects until it confronts you and you find yourself staring at it squarely in the face.

written by Trevin Wax  © 2008 Kingdom People blog

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