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Registration for Band of Bloggers 2008 (right before the Together for the Gospel conference) is now open. I’m going. Are you? 

Read Timmy Brister on what churches can do in the midst of the housing crisis

Ed Stetzer on the growing and dying of denominations in the U.S.A. Stetzer believes there will be more Mormons than Methodists in 20 years. 

Tim Challies reviews Mark Driscoll’s new book, Vintage Jesus, and then defends his critique of Driscoll’s language. Reid Monaghan has a more favorable review of Driscoll’s book.

Chuck Lawless on ministering in a difficult church

Leave it to corporate America to begin commercializing Lent. It’s a shame that more people in business pay attention to this holy season than people in evangelical churches.

Wondering what God’s will is for your life? Check out this post to make sure you’re not being held in emotional bondage to “guidance.”

Top Secret Lifeway Research Project revealed

Top Post this week at Kingdom People: Liberalism’s Impotency in Dealing with Guilt

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