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Listen to Southern Seminary students Robbie Sagers, Phillip Bethancourt, and Jenny Clark on NPR’s All Things Considered talking about the shady evangelist in the novel Elmer Gantry.

This family has unplugged the TV. Four months later, they testify to what it has done for them spiritually.

Timmy Brister asks some tough questions about evangelism and our confidence in the gospel.

Michael Spencer visits the LifeWay bookstore on Southern Seminary’s campus and notes the lack of spiritual formation books written by life-long Southern Baptists.

Why blog? Zach Nielsen explains why he does.

Joe Thorn on the characteristics of an ingrown church.

Hershael York and Tony Campolo run into each other at an airport.

It’s not too late to register for Band of Bloggers 2008.

Out of all denominations, Baptists are most likely to be obese.

Top Post this Week at Kingdom People: Book Review – Surprised by Hope

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