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N.T. Wright – Round 2: What Would You Ask Him?

dsc00014.jpgN.T. Wright is coming to Nashville on April 22 as part of his book tour promoting Surprised by Hope. Bishop Wright has graciously agreed to meet with me for a second interview (listen to my first interview with Wright here or read the transcript here).

This time, I am focusing all my questions on Surprised by Hope. I’ll be asking about political and ecclesiological implications of Jesus’ resurrection, what the emphasis on new heavens/new earth does to traditional evangelical theology about heaven and hell, what eschatology reveals about our Christology, etc.

Last time, questions for Bishop Wright poured in from all over the world. I incorporated several of the more insightful questions into my November interview and hope to do so again.

If you would like to ask N.T. Wright something, email me your proposal. Please make it specifically related to Surprised by Hope.

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