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My next interview with N.T. Wright is less than two weeks away. If you have a question related to Surprised by Hope or his views on heaven and resurrection, email me and I’ll consider including it in the interview.

It looks like Prince Caspian may deviate significantly from Lewis’ book. But Lewis’ stepson thinks that’s a good thing.

Check out my review in Christianity Today of Charles Colson’s new book, The Faith.

Bill Blair with some helpful advice for all of us. Be content and fruitful wherever God has placed you.

Marty Davis interacts with my posts on After the Baby Boomers.

The Seven Deadly Words in Book Reviews. Yikes! I’m guilty! This poignant post (with an intriguing title) is crafted by a compelling author who eschews the lyrical bad-writing of reviewers who muse about books.

The unchurched prefer classic church architecture rather than contemporary designs.

ESV Bible translation continues its rise. TNIV drops out of the Top Ten best-selling translations.

It’s healthy to take our evangelical lingo and phrases into consideration, asking ourselves what they might communicate. Jared Wilson has a helpful post on “giving your life to Christ” – specifically, how Christianity is more about Jesus giving his life to us.

Timmy Brister interviews Collin Hansen about his new book, Young, Restless, Reformed. Look for my 4-part review of Collin’s book next week at Kingdom People.

Tony Kummer disagrees with Collin Hansen. Southern Seminary is “Ground Zero” for the gospel, not for Calvinism.

Top Post this Week at Kingdom People: American Idol – Shout to the Lord

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