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Worth a Look 3.31.10

Jason Powell looks into the past with these terrific pictures. He combines present and past shots.

How to jump from a speeding car. (In case you were just wondering…)

Allow me to turn into an annoying LOST fan for a few moments. Here are some interesting takes on the religious symbolism of these final episodes:

  • Chris Seay thinks it’s about Jacob and Esau, a theory I’ve long considered, although I’m wavering now.
  • Amy Hall on the show’s vacillation between a God of grace and a God of judgment.
  • Nancy Guthrie on the show’s portrayal of earning forgiveness.
  • Philip thinks the show is telling the mythological story of Lilith. This proposal has some merit.
  • Oscar Dahl thinks that the point of LOST is that there is no point. We’re all lost.
  • Here’s what I think. This show better not end with someone waking up from a bad dream. That worked for Newhart. But I think I would pull my hair out if it’s the ending of LOST.
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