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Worth a Look 6.28.10

The need for impractical books:

There have been many times when we have faced problems that defied “how to” fixes.  In all those times, we needed the gloriously impractical books that gave us nothing to do, but told us of someone to trust and reminded us of his work for us and in us.

Often what God wants us to do is trust him, take steps of obedience and faith, and watch him work as we wait for him.  Only impractical books call me to the life of faith and patience.

Was there leadership in the ancient church? Michael Haykin says “yes”:

The key question for the early Christians was not whether to have leaders or not, but what kind of leaders? Leadership was a given. The key question was: What model of leadership was to be promoted?

The moon has 100 times more water than we thought:

“If we could take all the water which is locked up in the moon’s interior, it would make a one-meter-deep [one-yard-deep] ocean covering its entire surface…”

Garrison Keillor on the future of publishing:

18 million authors in America, each with an average of 14 readers, eight of whom are blood relatives. Average annual earnings: $1.75.

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