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Worth a Look 8.30.10

Guest Post by Robert Sagers

—Theologian Donald Bloesch has gone to be with the Lord. Chad Brand, who wrote his doctoral dissertation on Bloesch’s theological method—and who often assigns a Bloesch volume in his classes—remembers him here, and Fred Sanders reflects on the man and his work here.

—Yesterday, August 29, was the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina‘s hitting the Gulf Coast. View some photographs of the destruction here (HT: Z). Here’s Russell Moore on “Of Christ and Katrina, Five Years Later.”

—Speaking of Russell Moore, Trevin wanted to make sure that I posted his take on the weekend’s festivities in Washington, D.C.: “God, the Gospel, and Glenn Beck.”

Tony Jones responded last week to Brett McCracken’s widely circulated Wall Street Journal article on “wannabe cool” Christianity. (And remember, as you read: hipsters need Jesus, too!)

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