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Trevin's Seven

Seven links for your weekend reading:

1. Read these articles back to back: CT - “Heresy is Heresy, Not the Litmus Test of Gospel Preaching” and TGC “The Radical Gospel – Defiant and Free”, then Tullian “Two Ways to Realize Radical Obedience”

2. Ed Stetzer on issues church planters face. Darrin Patrick quoted on why churches stay small.

3. The Osteen Moment: Your Own Moment Will Come Soon Enough

4. A picture of the models used in “American Gothic” – standing next to the painting

5. Why FaceBook (and your church) Might Be Making You Sad

6. D.A. Carson reviews the book, Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology

7. Michael Hyatt on what makes for a great book title

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