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Worth a Look 8.16.11

God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Body:

Evangelicals desperately need, then, an ordered account of how Scripture informs our understanding of the human body and its uses. But with few exceptions—like James K. A. Smith and Amos Yong—evangelical theology is still playing catch-up. As Westmont College theologian Telford Work recently pointed out in these pages, the theology of the body is one of evangelicalism’s least developed doctrines.

How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver in 6 Different Situations:

Today’s the day you’re finally going to commit this important and potentially lifesaving skill to memory, and not only that, learn how to do it in six different situations-on an average person, an obese person, a baby, a pregnant woman, a dog, and even yourself. Bet you never thought about giving the Heimlich to your pooch did, you? Well now Fido can sleep easy at night, with visions of gristly bones dancing in his head.

Darryl Dash – “Nothing is Confidential”:

One of the lessons: Never assume that something you write in an email will stay confidential. Assume it will get out there, and write accordingly. We now minister in a Wikileaks world.

Michael Bird on Liberal Christianity:

Perhaps the most negative criticism I could make about contemporary liberal or progressive Christians, is that they are little more than “chaplains for Nero”.

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