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Seven links for your weekend reading:

1. Why John Piper thinks you should see Courageous this weekend

“I watched Courageous with my wife and was thoroughly engaged. I like action, and I like reflection, and I like affection—explosive moments, wrack-your-brain moments, and break-your-heart moments. Rarely do movies combine them all. For me this one captured me. Does the movie preach? Well, it sure has a point. But about the time you think you might get preached at, a bullet may cut through your car door. I would willingly take anyone to see this film, assuming they can handle suspense. And I think the conversations afterward would not be superficial.”

2. Praying for Your Kids

3. Worship is Love On Its Knees

4. Why is it popular to be a heretic?

5. Amazon Fires Barrage at Apple: Cheap Kindle, Touch Kindle, Tablet Kindle

6. Texas school punishes boy for opposing homosexuality

7. Video and Audio from the 2011 Desiring God National Conference: “Finish the Mission”

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