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Michael Kelley, from his forthcoming book, Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God:

The Bible reminds us that we are going to experience trouble of all kinds here on earth, and yet that our ultimate treasure and citizenship is in heaven. But until we cross the Jordan and spend eternity with Jesus, we are to live here. Here where our bodies decay. Where suffering is a reality. Where little children have to take pills everyday. It’s like we have one foot in heaven, and yet one foot firmly planted on the earth, and we live our lives between those two worlds. Between joy and pain. Between glory and dejection. Between elation and depression…

But the great news of the gospel is that the power to sustain us comes from Jesus, who knows even better than we do what it is like to have one foot in heaven and one foot on earth. Sustaining grace for life between comes from One who knows both the glory and the pain. It comes from One who knows the fullness of God and the fullness of man. It comes from One who was raised up on two crossbeams to where He was physically positioned not quite in the air and yet not quite on the earth either. It comes from One who knows what life is like in the “between.” For when we look into the face of our Jesus, we rejoice, too, even in our thorns, because when we are weak, we are strong.

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