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Worth a Look 11.7.11

In Books and Culture,Jason Hood reviews N.D. Wilson’s Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl:

Imagine 51 minutes of an earthier Nooma video infused with an ethos of postmillennial confidence and injected with the steroids of Christian orthodoxy and Chestertonian Orthodoxy. Ponder all possible manifestations of “A Portrait of the Kuyperian Artist as a Young Apologist.”

Mike Horton and Scot McKnight have a good conversation about The King Jesus Gospel for the White Horse Inn. Audio here.

Hidden Persuaders: The Unheralded Gains of the Pro-Life Movement

That the pro-life movement is bigger is a given. It’s also younger, increasingly entrepreneurial, more strategic in its thinking, better organized, tougher in dealing with allies and enemies alike, almost wildly ambitious, and more relentless than ever.

A couple weeks ago, I had an enjoyable conversation with Hein Van Wyk of about Counterfeit Gospels, evangelical trends, and biblical relevance. The videos are available here.

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