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Trevin's Seven

A little late getting to links today. But here are seven for your weekend reading:

1. When the Zoning Board Closes Your Church

2. What’s Next for New York Churches

3. The Abominable “O Holy Night” Revealed (the back story on the horrible rendition that has circulated online the past few years)

4. Gospel-Centrality: A Warning and a Recommendation

5. The Top 50 Television Shows of All Time

6. Spoiler Alert! “Stories are not spoiled by ‘spoilers.’”

7. How to Speak of an Unspeakable God

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  1. In case you or your readers are interested, the origins and original lyrics of “O Holy Night” make for quite a story. The accompanying video so stirs me that I almost wish I had kept up with French.

    Almost. (But my dear and only daughter fills that lacuna.)

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