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Worth a Look 12.27.11

Todd Rhoades posts Rob Bell’s good-bye letter to his church. (Just a heads up. It’s a little long.)

Fred Sanders on spiritual disciplines and physical bodies:

It’s the instructions for how to live a life characterized by receiving life on the other side of death. That’s the right place to talk about the (somewhat trendy, at least in its jargon) subject of spiritual disciplines.

What to Do If You Wake Up Feeling Fragile:

There are mornings when I wake up feeling fragile. Vulnerable. It’s often vague. No single threat. No one weakness. Just an amorphous sense that something is going to go wrong and I will be responsible. It’s usually after a lot of criticism. Lots of expectations that have deadlines and that seem too big and too many.

Stop worrying about leadership behaviors, and focus on this instead:

Wondering how you can get it right on the inside instead of working so hard to act in a prescribed way on the outside?  Here are some ways to get started.  These are based on answers to the question, “Who was your best boss?” and “What made them so special?” that Blanchard consultants have been asking in classes and presentations over the years.

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  1. [...] Trevin Wax has linked to Rob Bell’s lengthy farewell letter to his church. I got the sense as I read this that the faith he’s promoting is much less grounded in the eternal verities of scripture than it is in the human creativity that gave birth to Mars Hill. Read it here. Share this:Email [...]

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