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Standing Desks: Some Pictures from Blog Readers

On Monday, I posted about my standing desk and why I recommend others consider getting one. Since then, I’ve received pictures from people who already have standing desks or have created makeshift desks in response to that post. Here are some of pictures I’ve received:

Here’s how Lane Harrison set up a standing desk, complete with footstool:

Here’s a homemade wooden desk from Kale Davis:

Here’s the way David Schrock put together a standing desk that brings together the bookshelves and workstation:

Mary Jo Sharp got really creative and resourceful:

Here’s the standing desk I use:

I like Charlie Eldred’s set-up too:

Dan Reinhold makes do with what he has:

Here’s a classy option with a lot of personality from Ryan Keeney:

Here is David Murray explaining via video how to put together a standing desk for less than $50:

Finally, here is Dwight Schrute from The Office, bragging about his standing desk. I hope I’m not this annoying.

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