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Worth a Look 4.25.12

Zach Nielsen points out a variety of cheap eBooks this week, including Sifted, AND, Exponential, For the City, On the Verge, Barefoot Church, and It’s Personal.

Coaching Young Leaders Effectively: Seven Observations

The key to coaching missional leaders is relationship. Young, developing leaders are looking for relationship, and they will receive coaching and mentoring from those with whom they have relationship.

Christian goods and appreciating the best:

To me, the consumption or promotion of goods based on their “Christian-ness” contributes to that false and prevalent mindset of a divide between sacred and secular. We have imbued cultural goods of various kinds with a supernatural value that allows them to be “better” than other “secular” goods whether they are qualitatively so or not. In so doing, we have determined their value based on criteria that aren’t inherent to their respective mediums and have praised work that is qualitatively deficient by the standard of its field.

Carson and Zaspel: Rest in the Gospel or Strive Unto Holiness?

What we need to get rid of is this bifurcation in which God does everything and we sort of sit around and do nothing. Or, on the other hand, we think of God doing so much and we add our bit. They’re both wrong. You want to say a plague on both your houses. Whereas you put them together and see that the things that are mandated to us are precisely the things God empowers us to do by his Spirit, and it seems to me they’re coming a little closer together. Is that fair?

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