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Friday Funny: Theology Student Bloopers

Mike Wittmer has been posting some hilarious bloopers he’s come across in papers from his students. Click here, here, and here for all them. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below:

“Before the tree, Adam enjoyed sex without knowing that Eve was naked.”

Adam was one dumb guy.

In 1059 Anselm made his way to the Benedictine abbey of Bec in Normandy.  The following year Anselm entered the abbey.

He shouldn’t have waited so long to knock.

“The power of Christ could not be overcome by Satin’s power of death.”

That 800 thread count is a killer.

“The issue of baptism is as old as itself.”

I had no idea.

“Mary was conceived through the Holy Spirit, which caused her to be pregnant with Jesus.”

In this spectacular variation on the immaculate conception, Mary was pregnant before she was born.

“Bernard wrote for a wider audience than Anselm—who wrote only for rational people.

Who did Bernard write for, morons?

Capitalization has led society to be market driven.”

I would not have guessed that using higher case letters would have this effect.

Martian Luther is the theologian of justification.”

Yes, he is out of this world!

“I believe hat eschatology matters….”

This student either left out the “t” in “that,” or he is referring to the infamous sombrero rapture, which as you might guess, is the last event in the Mayan calendar.

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