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Worth a Look: 5.15.12

9 Tips for Eating Christianly:

Nine tips/suggestions for how me might approach our consumption of food more thoughtfully and Christianly…

Consternation over Ben Carson, Evolution, and Morality:

If Emory University professors want to argue that evolution has no ethical implications, they are free to make that argument. (I wonder how many of them actually believe this.) But, if they do, they need to recognize that they are not just arguing against “benighted” anti-evolutionists, but they also are arguing against many of their cherished colleagues in evolutionary biology, including Darwin himself.

7 Marks of a Good Theologian

What’s a Homemaker Really Worth?

Allow me to suggest two simple reasons why homemaking isn’t esteemed by our culture. First, there is a general ignorance of what homemaking entails. And second, more importantly, we don’t value children.

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