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Worth (Another) Look – 2012 Wrap Up

The nature of the blogosphere is that blog posts come and go rather quickly. It’s easy for great articles to get lost in the flood of information that we process every day. So, as a service to readers, I went back through some of my “Trevin’s Seven” and “Worth a Look” posts from 2012 and chose some content from other blogs – articles that deserve another look.

Here are ten blog posts from 2012 worth revisiting:

1. How to Stay Orthodox and Humble When Talking about God

2. Deep Preaching

3. Why Men Should Read More Fiction (and related, “Leaders, Read Fiction!“)

4. McDonald’s, Jonathan Edwards, and Holy Affections

5. “You Don’t Have a Soul”: C. S. Lewis Never Said It

6. Is Proverbs 22:6 a Guarantee?

7. How do I raise my daughter to know the true definition of beauty in a culture such as ours?

8. The Ultimate Homophobia

9. Lessons from the Costa Concordia

10. Ten Attributes of a Humble Leader

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