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Worth a Look 1.9.13

Kindle Deal of the Day: A Year with C. S. Lewis. $3.79.

Ruminating on such themes as the nature of love, the existence of miracles, overcoming a devastating loss, and discovering a profound faith, Lewis offers unflinchingly honest insight for each day of the year.

Without Lewis, Where Would Tolkien Be?

The story of Tolkien and Lewis is fascinating. Without Tolkien, Lewis might never have become a Christian. Without Lewis, the world of The Hobbits would probably have never been published – including The Lord of the Rings.

13 Thoughts about Pastoral Prayers:

1) You are the representative of the people — bringing their prayers and the concerns of their hearts before the Father. It is not just your own personal prayer — so instead if saying, “God, I love you so much” say, “God, we are here to tell you how much we love you.”

Grammar Lesson of the Day – The Passive Voice, Abused:

The Passive Voice is abused when the agent of the verb is not general and is indeed of consequence, but the writer wishes to obfuscate. Bureaucrats and politicians abuse the passive all the time, to hide responsibility.

First Impressions By Your Church:

Nearly everything about a Sunday morning worship service communicates something to first-time visitors. From the church bulletins to the parking lot layout, churches demonstrate how much – or how little – they care about people. Here are some things I learned from my last church visit.

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