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Worth a Look 1.17.13

Kindle Deal of the Day: Community (Re: Lit Books) by Brad House. $3.99.

With wisdom and candor, House helps churches think carefully about the state of their own small groups and, where necessary, take steps toward a healthier, gospel-centered community. Pastors and church leaders, as well as small groups, will find this guide to be a catalyst in their growth and development.

“My Pencils Outlast Their Erasers” – Great Writers on the Art of Revision:

Below, 20 famous writers share their thoughts on revision. The consensus? It’s pretty important.

The Tone of Pastoral Leadership:

Finding the voice in which to communicate content is sometimes just as difficult as determining the content itself. In other words, how you communicate is an important component of what you communicate. Content is critical, but so is delivery.

Count Zinzendorf and the Moravian Missionary Movement:

One of the greatest missionary movements of all time began with the rich young ruler who said yes.

Words and Phrases that Should Die in 2013:

I submit to you my list of words and phrases that need to pass into the ether.Please feel free to argue with my list or submit your own lexical atrocities in the comments below.

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